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Learn HOW to Move & 
Stay Active For Life

She Moves: The Foundation for Empowered Fitness and Sport Performance 

For Female Athletes, Coaches and Sports Organizations

Get Stronger

Feel Confident

She Moves helps women and girls learn how to move their bodies using an integrative approach and neurofunctional sports performance to help female athletes become dynamically stronger and feel confident in their bodies.

Reduce Risk

of Injuries

With a solid understanding of your body and how to move, you will be able to reduce the risk of injuries, strategically use recovery and rest and leverage neuromotor and functional movement patterns preventatively. 

Enhance Your Performance

With the right information based on the female body, you can enhance your performance and achieve the results you are looking for. Learn how to use your brain to prime your body for movement and build a solid foundation for life. 

Advocate For Your Performance

When you are empowered with a comprehensive understanding of your body and HOW to move, you are better able to advocate for what you need and enhance your health, sport and fitness goals in a way that works for YOUR body.


Your Body

Get the right information for your body and understand what is and is not normal and when to seek help. Completely customizable to your specific goals, She Moves provides the foundation for health that will last your lifetime.

Coach Female Athletes

Enhance your coaching skills and provide female athletes with the latest functional movement techniques to help them reach their sports performance and fitness goals. Expand your coaching skills and lead the future of female athletes. 

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It’s no secret that there is a lot of inequality within

female sports performance. ​

  • Frustrated by not getting the results you are looking for, despite trying other fitness and sport performance programs? 

  • Confused by ALL the information out there, but not sure what is credible, research based and actually works? 

  • Struggling with an injury or recovery that isn’t healing or a fear of getting hurt again that is preventing your performance? 

  • Sick and tired of doing ALL THE THINGS, but not getting the results you want?

  • Not sure how to best support female athletes on your team?

You are not alone. You’ve simply been given the wrong information.

Most health and sport performance programs, research and advice are designed for male athletes. 

Women’s bodies are different.

There is a serious lack of information about female movement patterns in fitness and sports performance. Whether you are an athlete or coach, the recipe for sport and fitness training does not consider the female athlete, the changes that puberty brings and how to create a solid foundation of movement patterns that will set women up for success for the rest of their lives. 


If you don’t understand your body and how it works, you will not be able to make the best decisions for your body, your performance and your goals. 

There is a better option. 

girls playing sports
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The Foundation for Empowered Fitness and Sport Performance 

Designed for the Female Athlete and Sport Teams

picture of She Moves logo on T-shirt

She Moves is the first-ever foundational movement course created for female athletes.


Now, women, girls and coaches can access this revolutionary information that will help female athletes understand HOW to move their bodies correctly, and prevent injuries.


So they can become strong, empowered and resilient.


With this information and knowledge, female athletes can reach their individual goals and stay active for life. 

Start With a Solid Foundation of Movement

By building a solid foundation of functional movement patterns, She Moves helps female athletes, in any sport, understand their bodies in a new way and build physical literacy based on a comprehensive neuromotor approach. This online course and coaching program empowers female athletes to understand their bodies and become stronger and more confident.

She Moves offers a fully customizable experience and provides an integrative approach to sports performance and fitness by focusing on core activation, breathing techniques, injury prevention, practical and applicable exercises and foundational movements to help every woman understand her body in a whole new way. 

youth female athlete balancing on one leg, while Micaela (physiotherapist) watches

Designed for individuals AND coaches, sports teams and organizations, She Moves is bridging the gap and providing female athletes access to revolutionary, research-based information to help them understand their bodies, prevent injury and enhance their overall performance.

Hi, I’m Micaela

Registered Physiotherapist, Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CEO and Founder of Instil Physio and the Creator of She Moves

I’m so tired of seeing the fallout of poor information within youth sports and fitness. Every day in my physio clinic, I work with elite athletes who are not able to access this information. They are frustrated and often dealing with an injury that could have easily been prevented. 


Women have not been included in the research surrounding athletic performance and there is a serious lack of accurate information that is based on female anatomy, physiology and gender. This inequity has recently been brought to the forefront of the industry, yet female athletes need access to this information now, not in 20 years when it’s trickled down into the system. 


I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life working in a wide variety of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics, working with elite athletes, NHL players, OHL teams, volleyball teams and competitive sports clubs. I’ve worked with infants to geriatric care and everything in between. In 2016, I opened my own practice, Instil Physio, specializing in working with female athletes and I’ve taken a number of courses to enhance my skills.


I very quickly realized that women need access to the right information, at the right time (preferably in adolescence, so as to take a preventative approach), so they can learn HOW to move based on female anatomy & physiology. When they understand their bodies, they are able to feel confident and empowered, they can prevent injuries and enhance their performance. 

picture of Micaela holding a kettlebell
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 Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner

Instil Physio logo

Instructor at McMaster Contemporary 

Medical Acupuncture Program

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA

That's Why I Created She Moves

girl holding rugby ball talking to female coach

I don’t want female athletes, coaches and sports teams to have to wait for this information to be available and accessible any longer. 

  • I want female athletes to understand how their bodies are unique and how puberty affects athletic performance differently in a female body. 

  • I want girls to understand HOW to move, so they can feel confident and strong and stay in sports and fitness for life. 

  • I want girls to have access to information that is accurate and helps them get their desired results and meet their own goals (whether that’s playing at an elite level or for fun). 

  • I want women to have a foundation for empowered fitness and sports performance that sets them up for success for the rest of their lives (both in and outside of sports).

  • I want coaches to have access to the most up-to-date and research-based information that will truly help their female athletes achieve their desired goals and get results. 

Start Learning Now

For Individual


The Foundation for Empowered Fitness and Sport Performance 

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For Coaches, Teams and Sport Organizations

Enhance your Team’s Performance, Reduce Injuries and Support Female Athletes

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female athletes playing volleyball

"Micaela provided our physiotherapy mentorship group with an invaluable experience by sharing her expertise on managing female athletes. She is an engaging lecturer, presenting material in a clear, concise manner, and soliciting interaction from the class, which ensures maximum retention of information by our students. We look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Julia Cetnar & Joelle Karam - Physio Mentors

"Instil Physio & She Moves is a dream come true to any female athlete, at any level, wanting to maximize their performance and/or fitness goals."

Canadian National Gymnast

"Micaela Zettel has helped me reach my ultimate sports goals with respect to my past sports injuries. Micaela is different from the rest because of her unique ability to not only assess the injury but also create discussion about other factors like diet, sleep, school/work, and future goals. By looking into these other factors it helped me stay away from injury and also balance my overall health."

M.M. Youth Volleyball Player

How it Works


Get Access


If you are a female athlete you can enroll now in She Moves and get access to the course immediately.

If you are a coach or sports organization, hop on a call with Micaela and learn how She Moves can support your team performance.


Whether individually or as a team, participate in She Moves online education. Using She Moves, female athletes can self-select the best program for them and learn HOW to move their bodies in a way that prevents injury, increases physical literacy and enhances performance.


Enhance your performance with accurate and transformational information so you can reduce the risk of injuries and advocate for yourself. Learn a solid foundation of movement patterns that will set you up for success for the rest of your life, so you can feel healthy, strong and confident. 

Learn With

She Moves



Female Soccer Coach

5 Warning Signs

that Female Athletes Need Help 

Stop struggling with a one size fits all approach to fitness and sports performance. Whether you are a female athlete, coach or sports organization, you deserve access to accurate information that truly helps women understand their bodies. 


With She Moves, you will feel stronger, reduce injuries and enhance your performance. 

It’s your time. Start learning and get access to She Moves today.

Start Learning

Access She Moves Today

female athlete
herBody Podcast cover with Micaela

herBody Podcast


The herBody podcast presented by her Soul Shot helps female athletes of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds understand their bodies to reach their full athletic potential, whether that's walking your dog or becoming a pro athlete. Join your host, Micaela Zettel, physiotherapist and owner of Instil Physio, as she works to educate, empower, and inspire female athletes to reach their full potential at any level by providing research-based knowledge, stories, and tangible ways you can optimize your body for sport and life.

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